About Dr. Himmel

Dr. Himmel is a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster for over 10 years.My name is Dr. Alan Himmel.  I am a public adjuster and a healthcare provider.  As a health care provider, I have been an advocate for consumers fighting big bully insurance companies for 22 years.   Naturally, this led me to represent homeowners and business owners, because I have seen that property insurance companies often times can be very difficult and unfair in their handling of claims.  I have been a public adjuster for over a decade, since 2006.  I take pride and I enjoy assisting policyholders through tough and stressful property damage insurance claims.  Please don’t underestimate the amount of work and knowledge it takes to get a property damage claim paid correctly.  You can read about the claims process here:  http://allstaradjusting.com/claim-process/

Being a public adjuster involves a thorough knowledge of insurance policy rules as it applies to homes, condos, and business. We have to be licensed, bonded, fingerprinted and pass the state exam. Estimating damage, measuring, figuring out what must be removed, and replaced is all part of the process. It takes years to learn how to assess the collateral damage which all claims are composed of. Creating an itemized estimate, with current prices for material and labor, as well as costs of permitting is necessary to know, as well as having a complete knowledge of construction and building code.  Thus, getting proficient at public adjusting requires years of experience. Helping consumers with their insurance claim is a lot of work but something that I enjoy doing. “This is a rewarding parallel to “adjusting spines”, because I have always been an advocate for my patients, and have been their warrior against unfair insurance practices.

Furthermore, I am also a practicing chiropractor since 1996. Dr. Alan Himmel, Chiropractor.  I have practiced in Miami, Homestead, Naranja, and Orlando.  Since moving from Dade County to Broward County in Miramar, I have practiced with Dr. Robert Tomchik, MD., in the Health Circle Family Medical office.   My area of experience is PIP No-Fault, Auto accident trauma, and injury care.  I personally handle claims against tough auto Insurance carriers.  My two-part system includes giving my patients the best care possible, and correctly documenting the patient’s injuries, complaints, and impairment.

I was born in North Miami. As a Florida Native, I grew up most of my life here.  In 1990, I received a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of South Florida (USF), and in 1995, received a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University, in Marietta, Georgia.

I am also a past board member of a non-profit organization called Share Research Foundation, where I continue to be involved in Cystic Fibrosis research, and proudly co-authored two published research articles with Melanie Childers, which outlines new concepts in treatment for Cystic Fibrosis sufferers.

Finally, aside from my background and experience, one of my attributes is my belief in communication.  Therefore, I will always keep you in the loop so that you know exactly where we are with your claim. You can call me directly, email me, text me, or come to my office.

“If you use my services, I will treat you as family.  I believe in perfectionism, professionalism, respect, and hard work.  I will do my very best to get your claim settled for the highest possible amount.”

Dr. Alan Himmel