Claims Closed Without Payment

I hear it all the time.  Claims closed without Payment.  How is this possible, and can you reopen your claim?

Well, it depends on why it was closed and it depends on how the insurance policy reads.  Was it a denial? In many cases, claims can be reopened. Don’t panic yet. Let me have a look at it and see what I can do.  There are no guarantees but I have seen almost everything when it comes to this. I have a pretty good shot at figuring it out, speaking to the right person in the claims department and resurrecting the claim.    

My name is Alan Himmel and I am a public adjuster for over a decade.  My job is to help people with their insurance claims to get them the best settlement possible.  Call me and let me answer your question.  Don’t take the word of the insurance company as gospel.  I am standing by to speak to you: 954.659.8333 Alan Himmel, Public Adjuster.