Water Damage Kitchen Cabinet Insurance

Do you think you have a kitchen claim but you are not sure?  Is there such a thing as water damage kitchen cabinet insurance?

Yes, in most cases, kitchen cabinets are covered as long as the cause of the damage is listed under one of the covered perils on your homeowner’s insurance policy.  Water leaks under the sink, dishwasher leaks, refrigerator ice maker water feed lines are all probable causes and in most cases, your insurance company will pay for these losses.  Over the years,  I have handled almost all types of kitchen cabinet claims.

Don’t Give Up fighting Water Damage Kitchen Cabinet Insurance

As a public adjuster, it is my job to fight on your behalf, for this coverage.  Don’t assume that your insurance company will pay for a whole new kitchen just because you have a little water stain on the cabinet bottom.  Often times it becomes a fight and that’s where the job of a public adjuster comes in. 

Moreover, the rules are that insurance companies are required to match materials.  In other words, they cannot agree to change your bottom cabinet without agreeing to replace ALL of the cabinets.   This is likely the reason they don’t always make things easy when trying to get an insurance settlement. 

My name is Alan Himmel and I am a public adjuster for over a decade.  Every day, my job is to fight for people who get denied and lowballed by their insurance company.  I get great pleasure in helping people win these claims and recover settlements for kitchen cabinet damage claims.   Please call me directly and I will try and answer any questions you may have.   Again, you can call me direct: 954.659.8333 Alan Himmel, Public Adjuster.