Fire Damages And The Stress It Causes. How a Public Adjuster Can Help.

The Stressful Consequences of Fire Damages When a fire damages your home or business, it can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. You have to deal with the physical destruction from the fire and the water from firefighters.  You also will experience the smell and you will encounter the potential health effects of smoke […]

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in 2024

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in 2024

State Farm offers the cheapest home insurance policies at an average of $85 per month — but rates can differ based on location, coverage and your home’s age. By comparing quotes from different providers, however, you might be able to save on your monthly bill. To help you find the best and cheapest home insurance, […]

The Best Renters Insurance for 2024: Affordable Rates & Great Customer Service

The Best Renters Insurance for 2024: Affordable Rates & Great Customer Service

Finding the best renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your belongings from damage or theft. To help you do that, MoneyGeek analyzed several factors — including customer service scores, financial stability metrics, discounts and premiums — across all 50 states and hundreds of cities to determine which renters insurance companies are best for […]

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies for 2023: Reviews, Rankings and Rates

MoneyGeek also ranked companies at a local level if you want to find which company provides the best service in your state. Whether you’re looking to insure a high-value home, want to find the best rates, or need a provider with flexible options, MoneyGeek’s list can help you find the best homeowners insurance for your […]

How to Buy a House in Florida: A Homebuyer’s Guide

How to Buy a House in Florida: A Homebuyer’s Guide

The average Florida home is worth about $406K, up about 25% in the last year and higher than the national average of $365K. Cost is a primary consideration when purchasing a home, but you must also consider other factors, such as mortgage lending terms. To help you navigate the process and avoid excessive debt, MoneyGeek outlined […]

How Life Insurance Companies Make Money

Have you ever wondered how life insurance companies make money?  I mean, it seems like a sure bet for anyone buying a life insurance policy.  After all, everyone of us will eventually die.  Term Policies Let’s breakdown the most common type of policy, the “Term Life” insurance policy.  The reason why they call it “Term” […]

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Leaks?

The answer to the question does homeowner insurance cover water leaks, is yes and no. Many people think that leaky pipes are covered, but in actuality, they are not.  It is easy to be confused by this.  Of course, many people who have had water leaks in their homes have had successful insurance claim payouts.   […]

What is Recoverable Depreciation?

picture of person writing a check for recoverable depreciation

Recoverable depreciation is the depreciated value amount that the insurance company is holding back from your payout, but will pay you in the future. Read on to learn how to claim it! To further your understanding of what is recoverable depreciation, please refer to the blog post on how to read an appraisal award letter.  […]

Prevent House Fires in the Winter

fireplace and christmas tree

We all know the winter season is coming up, and we want to make sure that our homes are safe. The following tips will help you Prevent House Fires in the Winter in your condo or house this year!  1) Make sure there aren’t any space heaters left on when not being used- especially near […]