If mold is suspected in your home or if you are simply worried that you might have mold, we can provide a FREE no-cost-to-you mold consultation. To accomplish this, we will come to your property, take a look at the suspected mold, and make a recommendation to you for the next step in taking care of it. If mold is indeed suspected after a careful look, you will be advised to have the areas tested or assessed.

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How Does a Person Test For Mold?

Mold testing involves air samples and swabs which are taken in your home and compared with samples outside of your home. Anywhere that mold is suspected, samples should be gathered and will then be sent to an independent lab for analysis. From there, the species of mold can be identified. If the mold is proven to be toxic or elevated beyond safe levels, then recommendations for remediation will be made by the mold tester or assessor.

Don’t Try and be Your Own Mold Tester or Mold Remediator.

People who test for mold must be trained and be licensed. Don’t try to be an expert if you are not! Mold contamination in your home can be serious. Moreover, people who REMOVE MOLD also have to be state certified. Don’t try to do your own mold remediation! The remediation process involves closing off areas of your house and “containing” the mold so it does not contaminate other parts of your house. There is a special disposal process of these contaminated materials. The workers wear protective clothing and masks to ensure safety.

Once you disturb mold, you may cause it to release spores which become air-born and more dangerous. Don’t ignore mold if you see it in your home. Remember, it could be an indication of another problem, as mold requires a water source to grow.

Florida Allstar Public Adjusting, Inc., handles claims which are due to mold damage to homes and businesses. Mold can be quite pervasive and take over large areas of your home, can spread quickly, and can be quite COSTLY.

Mold in your home is DANGEROUS. Don’t Ignore it!

Furthermore, mold in your home causes many issues:

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A Little Bit More Info on Mold

Mold is everywhere. It is naturally occurring in the environment and in the air. It would be virtually impossible to eliminate it completely. It’s only when the colonies of mold overgrow, that you begin to have a problem.

What does mold need to grow and thrive? Water, nutrition, the right temperature, and a suitable surface. This is why Mold damage is a common problem here in Florida.

Obviously, it’s not difficult at all to satisfy the water requirement for growing mold, especially in Florida, with the high levels of humidity in our tropical climate. But, it’s not just humidity as the water source. It could be water from pipe burst or leak in your house, condensation, or bad ventilation. As for nutrition, mold can use dead skin cells, dust, wood, paper, or sheetrock as a good source of food. And almost any surface could be a potential location for mold to grow. Furthermore, once you have a mold problem, it doesn’t take much for the mold spores to become airborne and travel to other parts of your home and even cause health problems. This is from healthline:

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Mold? What Works and What …

“Research has found hydrogen peroxide has the potential to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold spores. When applied to these microorganisms, hydrogen peroxide kills them by breaking down their essential components like their proteins and DNA .Feb 4, 2021″

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