Fire Claim

a public adjuster can help with a fire damage claim Many times fires start in the kitchen area when something is left unattended on the stove or in the oven.  But, fires can start anywhere in your home or business.  I have handled fire damage claims caused by electrical shorts, and I have seen fire damage claims caused by vehicles in the garage, where a project car was being worked on, and gasoline ignited. In any case, the devastation from a fire in your home or business, most of the time, is disastrous, often leaving the property completely unlivable and in need of complete restoration, To make matters worse, the fire department who put out the fire, sprayed thousands of gallons of water into your home.  Now, you have an even bigger mess.  Even in areas where there was no fire, you now have water damage.

What do you do? You’ve lost everything including furniture, heirlooms, photos, and art.

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Do you keep an inventory of the items in your home? If not, I recommend you to start making a list today. There are apps that can handle this.

Here is a great page which reviews several home inventory apps:

Another thing you can do is to simply use a video camera, and walk around your home or business and film everything you see.  Then, you take that video, and upload it to something like google drive.  This way, your evidence is saved on a server in the cloud.

This will make your life so much easier if you ever find yourself in the position of trying to remember what you owned when everything has been destroyed and is now completely unrecognizable.

If you have recently had any type of fire claim, big or small, please call me. I am happy to help guide you and help you through this most stressful process.  Please call me at 954-659-8333.