Claim Results

$55k bathroom pipe leak causing mold:

Mr. G called because he needed help with a Homeowners claim against his Insurance Company. He said that they were not offering a settlement on his claim after a couple of months and was not responding to him. When we got to the house, he showed us that a week prior to filing the claim, he had cut out some drywall in his bathroom wall exposing a pipe in the wall which he had repaired by himself. There was obvious water damage to the bathroom and he actually had a video which was taken showing the leaking pipe spraying water out. The client signed the representation paperwork and the paperwork was sent to the insurance company. A line item estimate for damages was created with detailed photos. The insurance company acknowledged our estimate but the adjuster argued that the damages do not appear to be “sudden and accidental” and may have been going on for months before the claim was filed. She said there was “too much damage and mold” which looks like it has been there for a while. How could this be since the video of the bathroom showed no mold and was date stamped and this would prove that the date of loss was correct? Eventually, the insurance company agreed to coverage but dug in their heels to fight the scope of damages, and hired an engineer to prove that the damages were limited to only the bathroom and the water could not have traveled to other parts of the house. After a while, we got our way and the claim settled for $55k

$161K Hurricane Irma Claim

Mrs. P in Pembroke Pines suffered damage to house caused by Hurricane Irma. She called me up and I was the second public adjuster to look at her house. She said the last public adjuster who came by she was not comfortable with. She was still hesitant but she signed my papers and we moved forward. The damages were to her roof and to the interior which includes drywall, bathroom cabinets, and a beautiful hardwood floor. She also had some damaged furniture. We quickly helped her by making a phone call to a restoration company who placed a tarp on her roof and started to dry the inside of the house with fans. We created a detailed estimate with over 100 photos and submitted them to her company. The company called for an inspection of the property by one of their adjusters. We were present during that inspection and went over everything with the other adjuster. He documented everything and sent his recommendation to the insurance company. We eventually were in communication with the desk adjuster at the company and we discussed the damages over several weeks until an agreeable settlement was reached. The homeowner was happy and was able to replace her roof and completely restore the inside of her house and also replaced a lot of damaged furniture.

$104K Air Conditioner condensation water overflow:

Mr. I came back from a holiday weekend away to find that his air conditioner leaked water which damaged his hardwood floor on his second story and his kitchen and ceiling and walls down below. When inspected the home, we noticed there was a huge hole in the first floor ceiling caused by water and his kitchen cabinets were damaged and swelling. There was a strong odor of wet materials and when we looked at the upstairs area, we saw that the air conditioner was actually placed in the attic on the second floor. When the leak happened, it destroyed the ceiling on the second floor as well as the bathroom and bamboo wood flooring which continued into three bedrooms. We filed a claim on the homeowner’s behalf and created a very detailed line item estimate with bid pricing on the bamboo floor. The insurance company sent out an adjuster who I met at the property to go over all the damages. The insurance company quickly sent out a $33k payment which the homeowner thought was enough. However, we explained to the client that the money that was sent is not even half the amount to properly restore his house. We explained to him that MOST people who receive a quick settlement think that’s all they were supposed to get, but that is incorrect thinking. We advised him to let us continue fighting the claim to try and get them to pay what is correctly owed. We requested that the insurance company send out a new adjuster for a reinspection. The new adjuster and I were able to see eye to eye on many parts of the claim and he submitted his recommendation for more areas of damage which resulted in a final settlement of more than $104k.

$67K Water damage kitchen

We arrived at the client’s house in Plantation and there was a restoration company there sucking up water and setting up fans to dry the kitchen cabinets. The refrigerator water line burst under the sink and there was a quarter-inch of water on the floor. The client advised us that he had a claim once before and he didn’t get enough money so he was going to try using a public adjuster. He was referred to us through another client of ours and wanted us to help him. We quickly got to work and sent our representation paperwork to the insurance company. The client stated he was concerned about mold and we could smell a musty odor in the house so we recommended they get a mold test. There are many independent mold testing companies so he had the test performed which identified mold that had to be removed. A mold and water emergency service company came and remediated the mold which was found to be present in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom since the water traveled. A detailed report and estimate with photos were created and submitted to the insurance company. The insurance company paid $67k on this claim for damages plus more than $10k for the client to live in a hotel for 6 weeks while his home was being renovated.

With Florida Allstar Public Adjusting on your side, your claim settlement will be much higher. Don’t count on the insurance company adjuster to determine what your damages are worth. Doing this is like selling your car or house for whatever the buyer thinks it’s worth. You need your own adjuster for insurance claims.

$850K Fire damage in a commercial building:

Club house in West Palm Beach had caught fire due to a kitchen grease fire causing extensive fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage as a result of the fire department spraying water into the building. There was roof truss damage as well as wiring and furnishing that were destroyed in the structure. The insurance carrier was put on notice that there was a public adjuster on the claim. The detailed line-item estimate was submitted to the insurance company and the claim was ultimately settled for almost $850K.

$3.9M Settled so far on 37 Hurricane Michael Claims

We were one of the first public adjusting companies to assist Hurricane Michael victims in the Pan Handle. So far, 37 claims have been settled. We still have a few old claims that we are working on as we still get some new ones from time to time. Some of the people that we were able to help were total loss homes but the insurance companies only wanted to pay for repairs which would leave the insured without enough money to completely restore their home. On some of the total loss claims, we were able to get paid out all of the contents coverage as well as the additional living expense coverage and exterior structures coverage. Many of the homes in the Panama City area are wooden frame homes with brick face veneer which when damaged, cause a complete collapse of parts of the house. We are proud to say that we have assisted many desperate homeowners during one of the worst natural disasters that has ever hit the United States. We are still working claims in the Pan Handle when all other companies have left. If you or anyone you know are still fighting to get a claim paid properly, please call us and let us know. We may be able to help and there is no charge for a claim review.

$57K Hurricane Irma Claim Miami:

Roof leaks after Hurricane Irma caused some ceiling damage and floor damage. The insurance company initially only paid $5000 for some repairs which include a few roof shingles and some paint and drywall. We signed up the client and quickly sent our paperwork and detailed estimate to the insurance company. The roof physically did not look that bad at all but was leaking in at least three different places. We estimated the whole roof replacement on the claim because we felt that the shingles were lifted from the wind, that was the only explanation for all the leaks, which was more than 25% damage to the whole roof. There was a reinspection, and incredibly, the field adjuster who came out agreed that the whole roof needed to be replaced under the claim along with much of what we were claiming on our estimate. This was an unexpected outcome and we were able to get the claim settled pretty quickly without too much of a fight. The homeowner was happy with the $57K settlement.

$23K Hot water heater leak in a townhome in Pembroke Pines:

The homeowner came home from work to find water cascading out of his front door. Upon inspection, he found that a pipe which comes out of the top of his hot water heater burst, and the house on the ground floor was flooded with about ½ inch of water. The homeowner quickly turned the water off and called me. We immediately got a mitigation company to come and start drying the house out. Even the neighbor had a small claim due to water entering his unit. The bottom floor of the client’s house had a laminate wood on the ground and was obviously ruined. The kitchen cabinets were ruined as well. The claim settled for $23K which was plenty of money for the homeowner to make all the repairs necessary.

$47K Hurricane Irma Claim Miami. Initial offer $8K:

A substantial amount (at least 100) of broken and lifted tiles on roof, but the insurance carrier insisted that it could be repaired and initially paid for about 15 single tiles to be replaced. There was some damage to the inside of the house caused by water coming in. We signed the client up and sent our paperwork to the insurance company with our detailed estimate which included the replacement of the whole roof. The insurance company insisted that the roof was repairable and even stated that it’s not conclusive that the roof was damaged by the storm. They stated that they think it could have been foot traffic on the roof caused by pressure cleaning and they were only paying for some of the tiles. I advised the homeowner to get an engineer to inspect the roof which he did. There was some out of pocket cost but the homeowner was willing to pay the fee because he was sure that the damage was caused by the wind of hurricane Irma. Still, the insurance company did not want to pay for the whole roof, so we asked for an appraisal. When the appraiser came out, I quickly handed him the engineer’s report and told him that we are adamant about the roof and there is no way we are going to come to any kind of agreement if the full roof replacement was not part of the claim result. Ultimately, the appraiser and I came to an agreement that put a total of $47K in the homeowner’s pocket.

$110K Hurricane Michael Claim–Stucco Damage

One of the few cinder block homes in Panama City. Most are made of wood with vinyl siding covering the outside. The damages were roof, water damage to ceilings and floors. But what made this claim stand out was the damage to the stucco on three of the elevations outside the house. There appeared to be impact damage which almost looked like little missiles that crashed into the house which caused the stucco to break away and exposing sheets of plywood which covered the cinderblock. The insurance company only offered about $3500 for repairs to the stucco but we were able to get some professional proposals from a couple of companies who specialized in the application of stucco and masonry. What our argument was to the insurance company was that the stucco could not be matched properly by just doing a patch on the several areas of stucco damage. If you cannot match the stucco, then the whole elevation had to be resurfaced. Most companies would fight this tooth and nail. This is usually a steep uphill battle, but we were able to make our point since the application of stucco is not much different in theory than knockdown wall texture, and most of the time they don’t have a problem removing and re-applying knockdown to a whole interior wall to make it match. In the end, most of this claim amount was paid because they agreed to pay for three total elevations of the house to be stuccoed, the paint to the exterior of the house, and of course the roof and the interior damage. The client was very happy with this result.