Fees and Claim Process

You have a right to know about the insurance claim process and fees.

Public adjuster fees are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services and Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis. Click the link below to be directed straight to the statute:

Public adjuster fees are paid on CONTINGENCY which means you pay nothing unless we get your claim settled.

Florida Public Adjusters are prohibited from charging more than the capped amount:

A better insurance settlement starts right here.

We are a professional public adjusting firm that believes in treating people with respect. We are also a firm believer in quality work, and that you get what you pay for. On that front, we are aware that there are public adjusters out there will give their services away cheap. It is our experience, however, that these adjusters run their operation on the premise of volume but not quality. They sign up as many people as possible and overload themselves with work that they have no time for. This results in dragged out claims, lowball settlement offers, mediocre work, and horrible customer service.

We strive for perfection, which is a realistic expectation when you hire a public adjuster.

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More Information on the Public Adjuster Claim Process:

It is our goal to get a quick settlement for you, but many times, we just cannot agree. If so, there are processes called appraisal and mediation, where we take it a step further, trying to hash out our differences with an impartial umpire.

1. A FREE no-obligation inspection determines the extent and how the damage occurred

2. A quick review of your insurance policy will determine if the loss is covered

3. Signing the letter of representation grants us communicate on your behalf with the insurer.

4. If you have not already done so, we call the insurer to report the claim and an adjuster will be assigned to your case.

5. Damage documentation begins with photos, video, moisture testing, and measuring.

6. A highly detailed line item estimate is created and submitted to the insurer. The insurer now knows what WE are expecting.

7. The insurance company now schedules an inspection which we will be present for, and we will go over everything with the insurance company adjuster, and represent you at your property.

8. The adjuster will go back to his office and create an estimate of damages, based on the way HE sees it.

9. Negotiations begin. Both the insurer and Florida Allstar Public Adjusting will debate the extent and cost of the damage.

10. We will not reach an agreement without consulting with you, the property owner. Once we are in agreement, a release may be signed, and the insurance company issues a check.

11. Here is some more information on the claim process.

Never just accept what the insurance company offers. You almost always end up getting an unfair deal if you leave it entirely up to the insurance company to determine what is owed. Here is a study from the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability: (Page 7 right-hand column)

For more public adjuster articles and resources and things to know, read here. Or, if you call us at our main office at 954-659-8333, we would be happy to go over it with you on the phone, and/or set up a time for a free inspection of your claim.