Public Adjuster Fees in Florida

Florida Public adjuster fee

Public Adjuster Fees in Florida

The following are the statutory rules for public adjusting fees in Florida:

Hurricane Claims: Capped at 10% for the first year following a hurricane as long as the governor declared the storm a state emergency. After the first year following the hurricane, the fee is capped at 20%.

Non-Hurricane Claims: Capped at 20%

The fees are calculated after the deductible is taken out.

Example of Public Adjuster Fees in Florida

$52,500 settlement — $2500 deductible = $50,000
10% Fee applied would cost $5000

Remember, no public adjuster can charge fees for money that has already been recovered by the insured.

Another example: The homeowner receives a check for $5,000 and then the public adjuster comes in and settles the claim for $50,000, then, the 10% fee is based on $45,000 new money.

I am happy to look at your claim to see what I can do to help you. I abide by the statute which regulates public adjuster fees in Florida.

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