Claim Closed Without Payment

denied insurance claim

It’s a very common complaint.  “My claim closed without payment.” Or, I called the insurance company and they told me my claim was closed. Well, you may be asking what does this mean?

Is it possible to reopen a closed or denied claim?


FAPA has a lot of success with reopening denied claims Please let FAPA review your claim for free, and see what they can do to have the claim reopened. There is no charge for this. Oftentimes, your denied claim can be reopened.

What is one reason a claim is closed?

Sometimes, insurance companies will tell you that your claim was denied or closed when they simply take the assigned adjuster off the file. They do this sometimes when there is an extended period of inactivity on the claim file. If there is no adjuster assigned the claim, then the insurance company categorizes the claim as “closed.” Florida Allstar Public Adjusting is very successful in having claims reopened. Don’t simply accept that your insurance company has closed your claim and there is nothing that you can do. Let FAPA help you. They know what to say and who to talk to.

Florida Allstar Public Adjusting, Inc., has been fighting big bully insurance companies since 2007.  Their job is to help people with their insurance claims to get them the best settlement possible.  Call them and let them answer your questions.  Don’t take the word of the insurance company as gospel.  When you call, you can speak directly with a licensed adjuster. They are standing by to speak to you: 954.659.8333. 

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