Homeowners Insurance Claim Tips

If you are looking for homeowners insurance claim tips you came to the right place.  Florida Allstar Public Adjusting has almost a decade and a half of experience handling property damage claims, and because of that, we have picked up many tips along the way which help to get these tough property damage claims settled for the highest amount possible.

We have developed a method for successful insurance claim outcomes and it has many parts.  To start with, it takes a very experienced and careful eye to make sure nothing is missed when it comes to damage.  

  • A perfect estimate which is gone over multiple times for accuracy is created.  Our estimates are not padded with nonsense.  Everything on the estimate makes sense and can be defended if necessary. 
  • Perfect photography with proper camera angle and lighting in order to catch or eliminate shadow, to see the damage is a very important part of the process.  
  • Creating a working relationship with the insurance company adjusters is extremely important because, at the end of the day, it comes down to a couple of people on the phone who simply want to have a resolution to the claim. In other words, everyone has to be happy, even the insurance company claims adjuster.  If you make him feel like he is getting a bargain, you can get high-quality settlements when you use a little finesse.

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