How do Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims?

How do Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims?

Here is a good question: How Do Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims?  Well, there is a little guy sitting at his desk with a checkbook and he wants to know your name because he wants to make the check payable to you.  Of course, that’s not exactly true.

There are many steps to finally getting a check mailed to you, but more importantly, there are even more steps to getting a check mailed to you with the full amount of the damages covered.  In most cases, homeowner claims are paid incorrectly or are paid too low. When I say incorrectly, I am saying that some of the damages related to the loss are completely missing from the insurance company estimate.  And, when I say they are paid too low, what I am saying is that the insurance carrier knows about the full damage, but it’s part of the job of the insurance company desk adjuster to try and diminish the value of the claim in order to save the company money.

The process actually involves first determining whether the policy can provide coverage for the damages.  Once this liability has been accepted by the company, the next step is for them to document and measure the damage and create an estimate. This estimate will go back to a person sitting at a desk and this person will usually pick apart the estimate in order to reduce the value of the claim to save the company money.

You Can Influence How Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims

Because of this, we highly recommend all property damage victims in Florida use a public adjuster to negotiate your final settlement.  A public adjuster such as myself is your advocate. We are trained, licensed, and bonded. We only get paid upon successful settlement of your claim.  And, we only get paid a small percentage of your claim upon successful completion.  So, we are motivated to settle your claim for the highest amount possible because your success means our success.  

I am available to answer questions or take a look at your property directly.  You can call me direct: 954.659.8333 Alan Himmel, Public Adjuster.