Kitchen Damage Claims

kitchen damage claims

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Kitchen Damage Claims? Do you think you have a kitchen claim but you are not sure?  Is there such a thing as having an insurance claim for damages to your kitchen?

Yes, in most cases. Your insurance policy covers the interior of your home against water damage, fire damage, mold damage, broken or cracked floors in your kitchen, etc. The reason I say “most cases” is because coverage generally depends on a few criteria.

How do you know if you are covered for kitchen damages?

First, you must have a valid policy that is paid up and in force during the time of the loss. Second, your policy must cover the type (or cause) of loss you are claiming. For example, if its a water damage cause, then your policy better have coverage for water damage.   Water leaks under the sink, dishwasher leaks, refrigerator ice maker water feed lines are all probable causes and in most cases, your insurance company will pay for these losses as long we have handled almost all types of kitchen cabinet claims. Yes, we have seen some policies that exclude water as a cause of loss. Most policies do cover water so in most cases you are probably safe, unless you have a limit on water coverage and your damages are more than your limit. Check your policy!

If your kitchen was damaged by fire, most of the time you are covered. These claims are usually more than just the kitchen because the smoke from these kitchen fires permeates throughout the whole house. Smoke will stain the walls and ceiling and stink the house up very badly. Call us if you have had a fire in your kitchen. You may be entitled to a replacement of your kitchen and clean-up of the smoke-damaged areas. These claims can be quite high. Call us and we will inspect for free and explain how we can further help you maximize your settlement.

Don’t Give Up fighting Water Damage Kitchen Cabinet Insurance

As a public adjuster, it is our job to fight on your behalf and get you paid for this type of damage.  Don’t assume that your insurance company will pay for a whole new kitchen just because you have a little water stain on the bottom of the cabinet.  Often times it becomes a fight and that’s where the job of a public adjuster comes in.  We are available to talk 24/7. Call us if you have any questions or would like an inspection of your loss at no cost. We will be able to further explain how we will be able to maximize your claim.

Can you really get a whole new kitchen?

Moreover, your insurance policy states that they are required to match materials.  In other words, they cannot agree to change your bottom cabinet without agreeing to replace ALL of the cabinets. If they only paid to replace the damaged one, it would not match the rest of the cabinets. Insurance companies don’t always make this process easy. Remember, their job is to try and save money for themselves, but if you are entitled to a perfect match, sometimes this point will need to be argued. You need a public adjuster if you want to get a fair settlement. A public adjuster works on your behalf, not the insurance company’s behalf. 

We are Florida Allstar Public Adjusting, Inc. Since 2007 we have been fighting homeowners insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Every day, our job is to fight for people who get denied and lowballed by their insurance company.  We get great pleasure in helping people win these claims and recover settlements for kitchen cabinet damage claims.   Please call us directly at 954.659.8333. Florida Allstar Public Adjusting.

Are kitchen damage claims covered under homeowners insurance?

kitchen damage claims

Yes, as long as your policy covers the type of damage, eg., fire and water. Your damages will also have to be sudden and accidental. Long-term damage is generally denied. Filing a claim just because your kitchen is old and you want to remodel will probably lead to a denial. So, you are probably covered as long as the damages were caused recently by a listed covered type on your policy.