Prevent House Fires in the Winter

fireplace and christmas tree

We all know the winter season is coming up, and we want to make sure that our homes are safe. The following tips will help you Prevent House Fires in the Winter in your condo or house this year! 

1) Make sure there aren’t any space heaters left on when not being used- especially near curtains where they can catch easily.

2). Use caution around fireplaces and candles as well, since items nearby can catch a spark from a flying ember.  These flying sparks have been known to cause serious house fires.

3 ) Cook wisely by making sure items on the stove, especially grease does not ignite.  The majority of house fires throughout the year originate in the kitchen.

4 )  Holiday lights —  Be careful not to overload electrical circuits.

5 ) Christmas trees — These trees are highly flammable.  When they catch fire, you will have a very serious problem in your home.

Space heaters:  If you leave your space heater unattended, it will turn on by itself since it is on a thermostat, and it could be knocked over by a kid, or a pet, and cause something to catch fire.  Be sure to always monitor these items when around them or there could be a devastating accident.  

Fireplaces and Candles: The best way to protect your home from fire is by taking the following precautions. Never have candles around when kids or pets are present, and make sure they’re fully extinguished before going to bed at night time and during daytime hours if possible too!  Be aware if candles are left burning and unattended.  Items that are too close to candles can possibly catch fire and cause a serious situation.  You should also keep an eye out for any embers that could possibly flare up from a candle or fireplace.  Make sure you do not leave any items nearby a fireplace that could ignite from an ember or from a young child (mostly boys) who could be playing around the area.

Kitchen fires:  These fires are very common and usually originate on the stovetop with grease which ignites in a frying pan.  Although you would think that oil is the only thing that could catch fire on the stovetop, actually flour, sugar, and alcoholic cooking liquids such as wine could ignite.  Also, make sure you do not leave a towel, or cooking mitt nearby.

Electrical system:  When it comes to the holidays, we like putting up decorations and trying new things. But be mindful of your electrical system – you don’t want a fire! Overloading outlets with too many lights or cords can cause a fire if a circuit is overloaded.  Using LED light strips that require less power per unit length ( Amps ) is safer. They’re also cooler burning meaning they won’t melt any wires near them while providing bright illumination.

Christmas trees:  Around the holidays, in the winter months, natural Christmas trees are a very big danger.  These trees are extremely flammable and they often catch fire when the lights around them short out, or an ember from a fireplace or candle touches them.  Also, young children or house pets have been known to knock the tree down and when it falls, it can fall into a fireplace or on top of a candle left on a table.  When a Christmas tree catches fire, it burns very fast and very hot, usually catching drapes on fire and other items in the area.

This is a great time to remind you tht precautions can be taken well before the winter months and holidays begin, If you have had a fire in your house, please call us. We have years of experience handling fire claims. Contact Florida Allstar Public Adjusting at 954-659 8333 for help.