I’m Using a Public Adjuster for a water leak in my kitchen.

Do I need a public adjuster for a water leak in my kitchen?

When a kitchen is damaged due to a water leak, you might want to hire a public adjuster to help you with your claim against your insurance company. A public adjuster will handle your claim from start to finish, even including the negotiations with your insurance company to get more money from them. However, whether or not you hire a public adjuster to work on your kitchen water damage claim will depend on the value of your claim.

In general, kitchen water leaks can take from a few days to several months to fix depending on the extent of the damage and other factors. In that case, hiring a public adjuster is highly recommended.

So, do I need a public adjuster for kitchen water damage?

It’s always good to get advice from professionals like public adjusters even when you think your claim is relatively small. This is because public adjusters are experienced in sizing up these types of claims very quickly, by just having a look. If in fact, you have more damage than you initially thought, many people opt to hire a public adjuster to represent them. This is especially true when the damages are very extensive or have an amount that seems too high to handle on your own. When kitchen water damage is minor and can be fixed in a short time with little money, hiring a public adjuster might not be necessary. But, again, don’t assume anything unless you have experience in the field of estimating kitchen damage based on material and labor cost. You will need the opinion of a public adjuster. He is on your side and will not minimize or diminish the value of your claim.

What other kinds of water damage are covered by insurance?

Damage does not have to occur in the kitchen to be covered by insurance. Water damage can happen anywhere in your home or business. Many times you will need an experienced public adjuster on your side to make every effort to receive the best settlement possible. If there is water leaking into other rooms besides the kitchen, yes you will have coverage, and you may want to consider having a public adjuster on your side because the public adjuster will make sure to cover all the additional areas of damage, and this will mean the insurance company is responsible for these additional costs. This will mean more money in your pocket.

The following is a shortlist of types of water damage covered by insurance:

  1. Damage to floors.
  2. Damage to cabinets.
  3. Damage to drywall.
  4. Damage to insulation.
  5. Damage to paint.
  6. Damage to appliances.
  7. Damage to furniture and personal items.
  8. Damage caused by a leaky roof.
  9. Moreover, any of these types of damage may lead to mold, which will add another layer to your claim.

Will insurance cover HIDDEN water damage to your kitchen or anywhere else?

Water leaks are very common, but what if you have damage that is hidden, and you cannot see the damage? Yes, you MIGHT still have coverage for it! If you cannot see the damage, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is not present. If this is the case and you are not sure, you would be advised to call Florida Allstar Public Adjusting for a FREE inspection and evaluation of your property at 954.659.8333 The truth is, hidden damages are quite tricky to find and prove. Generally, if the insurance company cannot see the damage, they are not going to pay for it. But, an experienced public adjuster knows how to identify the damages that are not visible to the naked eye, and objectively prove the damage.

If you’ve ever had water damage to your kitchen or any other area of your house that resulted in the need for a public adjuster, then you know how important it is to be able to identify and understand the scope of your damage. Furthermore, the damages you cannot see due to water leaks should never be overlooked. Consequently, if there are hidden damages inside of your kitchen cabinets (or anywhere else), an experienced public adjuster like Florida Allstar Public Adjusting may be needed to accurately assess the extent of the damages. When it comes time for settlement negotiations with your insurance company, FAPA will work hard on your behalf by identifying all visible and hidden damages and fiercely do the fighting for you.